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We Ain't Got Shit was collaboratively painted and composed by Clio Sady and Tuesday Smillie. The temporary mural existed for just under a month, hosted by Working Artists Gallery in July of 2006.

This is Sylvia Rivera; she’s dead.
All that remains is a collection of stories.
And out of context Googled images.
Obscured and distorted to fit our needs.
Oh yeah: our needs.
The invisibility of gender queers leaves me desperately searching for role models.
Even if they wear rainbow sashes oversized sweatshirts & goofy smiles.
I don’t know you Rivera, but will you please be my role model?

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We Ain't Got Shit
We Ain't Got Shit
Acrylic paint, house paint, marker, spray paint, Xeroxed paper (temporary mural)
14’ x 15’ (approx.)